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Although there are plenty of plumbers in Calgary, not all of them have been in operation for close to two decades. Our team of dedicated experts plumbers are here to make sure that your requirements come first, whether it’s an installation or servicing for electrical or plumbing systems.

Your one-stop plumbing contractors are prepared to give you the dependable support you require without any difficulty or involvement from outside parties.

Our Plumbing services

Clogged Sink

In Calgary, Alberta, Knight can unclog any drain. We arrive equipped with the materials and tools required to remedy your drain problem correctly the first time, whether it involves a sink that won’t drain, standing water in the shower, or dishwasher issues. Call us whenever you need plumbing services in Calgary.


Repairing toilets in Calgary

Our neighbourhood plumbers will promptly identify the problem and resolve the plumbing issue, whether your toilet overflows, leaks, or isn’t flushing properly. And when it comes time to fix a toilet or install a new one, our skilled professionals always make sure the job is done correctly.

Leaking Faucets

With assistance from Knight’s skilled Calgary plumbers, you can lower your water bills and prevent expensive water damage. We will fix or replace any broken indoor or outdoor fixture, whether you have leaky faucets or poor water pressure.

Sewer and drain plumbing in Calgary

Drain and Sewer clogs need to be fixed right away. From jams to unexpected sewer backups, our Calgary plumbers tackle everything with professionalism.

Domestic Plumbing

You can trust Knight to handle any Calgary plumbing issue, from straightforward installations to intricate repairs in your kitchen or bathroom. You may rely on the residential plumbing services we offer. Our licensed plumbers give timely, professional service while being courteous.

Industrial Plumbing

We are a locally owned and operated Calgary plumbing company with comprehensive commercial servicing capabilities. Our highly skilled professionals will visit your company whenever you need them, day or night, to handle plumbing installations or repairs, handle sewage or drain issues, or provide professional HVAC services.


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