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Electrical Contractor Calgary

Electrical Contractor Calgary

For commercial Electric service installations, Jot Construction in Calgary provides individualized, trustworthy guidance and top-notch Electrical Repair Services. Please feel free to contact any member of our staff to explore how we can meet your electrical repair needs. We have the expertise, resources, and tools to offer workable solutions for any electrical services. Your business Electrical system is enhanced by Jot Construction’s most trusted electrical contractor for greater effectiveness. Our years of knowledge enable us to complete each project most safely and cost-effectively feasible.

Why pick Jot construction electric repair services?


The Jot construction Licensed electricians are highly qualified and prepared to do each task correctly the first time. To assure quality outputs at every stage, we follow the building industry’s best practices approach. The electrical system installed in developers’ and general contractors’ projects will function at the high level for which it was designed.




The electrical system of each structure is made to fulfill the specified aims using the most recent innovations. Our project managers and    Licensed electricians work diligently to complete each component of the project while coordinating with other subcontractors to ensure that it is finished on schedule and under budget.

Services offered by our electrical company in Calgary

Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

Large industrial and commercial electrical systems require the installation of very complex systems, which Jot Construction Commercial electrician in Calgary has the capability and expertise to do.

We recognize the value of following efficiency, environmental, and safety regulations to the letter.

Jot construction delivers the knowledge, experience, and creative thinking needed to finish each project, whether it be basic power and lighting, specialized fire suppression, controls, and instrumentation, or custom-built systems.

Residential Electrical services

Our company Jot constructions Electric Services has the knowledge required to go above and beyond expectations while providing the finest caliber electrical services.

Whether it’s single-family homes, big multi-family apartment buildings, or condo complexes, Jot Construction’s residential Electrician has a lot of experience taking care of the electrical demands of residential buildings. Our dedication to expertise, quality, and safety has elevated us to the top of our industry.

Our craftsmanship is unmatched. We offer the creative thinking needed to build a personalized home “stuffed” with unique features. Additionally, we offer the time-consuming assembly-line method needed for multi-family projects.
Jot Construction’s team of licensed electricians has the know-how necessary to deliver the highest levels of quality while exceeding expectations.

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