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Interior Designer Calgary

Interior Designer Calgary

Providing design and decorating solutions for household and small-scale business projects, jot construction interior design is a full-service interior design company in calgary, canada, and alberta, we provide interior decorating services.
A complete interior design company that can meet all of your needs:

  • starting with nothing
  • major remodelling
  • construction new
  • rework

We provide:

  • services that are extensive and bilingual
  • furniture arrangements incorporating both new and used furniture
  • planning and purchasing for space
  • details, elevations, floor plans, and renderings
  • design of millwork, cabinets, and furniture made to order
  • bathroom and kitchen design



project management and reconstruction services (we assist you in communicating interior elements to architects and contractors before and during the construction process). providing special needs clients with design services

In addition, we may point you in the direction of environmentally friendly products.

What makes us your top choice for a creative interior designer?

Client participation

We give our clients a voice at every stage of production, from selecting the kind of material to finishing the final product.

100% transparency

We fully empower our clients to choose the best materials, allowing them to see exactly what is installed beneath laminated sheets or painted surfaces.

Affordable prices

When it comes to cost, we think that the quality of the finished product is more significant than money. So, based on your budget, we’ll recommend the best option for you.

Over years of experience

Working experience is something that cannot be gained in a single day; we gradually learn from our experiences, which is shown in our portfolio.

Highly skilled and knowledgeable technicians

All of the technicians on our team have years of expertise and high skill levels. They turn your dream into reality with the magic they hold in their hands.

Knowing the client’s needs

We are skilled at comprehending the client’s actual needs and illustrating how the project will go graphically.

How do we work?

A communicative discussion

First, we will have a conversation with you in person, online, or at home to learn more about your preferences, first concepts, and needs related to your way of life.

How to design your space

We will co-create your design with you, frequently utilizing your current furnishings. It is totally up to you whether you want assistance with optimizing a particular design, suggestions for putting puzzle pieces together, or a whole home design.

A vision becomes a reality

Your style will reflect your individuality and fit within your means and lifestyle. We then bring it to life with as much or as little assistance as you require after you are completely satisfied.

Get your free consultant

Please feel free to contact JOT CONSTRUCTION at 403-614-6439 for construction, renovation or repair requirement.